About us

About our Cambridge-based PR agency


Our public relations and marketing agency, based in Cambridge, works to a set of ethics and principles that reflect our sense of social responsibility and ensure that we deliver the desired and promised PR and marketing results for our clients.


As an extension to our clients’ in-house teams, we develop and implement bespoke communication strategies in response to individual business needs and objectives.  We offer a flexible approach, working with clients on individual projects, one-off campaigns, and long-term retained programmes.


Our agency’s work is predominantly focussed on:


Building distinct and powerful positioning for our clients

Profile raising

Generating awareness among identified target audiences


Forming and protecting the reputations of organisations, products and services


Driving audience enquiries to increase sales and attract support


Creating internal and external ambassadors for positive word of mouth


Bringing together like-minded organisations for mutual benefit


Forging relationships and goodwill

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