About us

About our Cambridge-based PR agency


Founded in 2012, we are an award winning team of change-makers, committed to using our public relations and marketing expertise as a force for good, for the benefit of our clients, ourselves, our stakeholders, and the wider community.


We believe that having a positive impact is not only a good thing to do – but the best way to do business, too.  So, we put corporate social responsibility at the heart of our business; it is part and parcel of what we do, not just a page on the website, because customers are demanding it; talented employees are attracted by it; and an authentic focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainability improves the bottom line.


Our ambition is to do well by doing good, and to influence others to do the same.


What makes us different is that we think first about the impact our work will have on others; and second about the impact on our own bottom line. We combine strategic expertise and great creativity with ethics and principles that make us proud and reflect our sense of social responsibility.


Our approach has been recognised by the PR and marketing industry, and the wider business community. In 2017 we won the PR Week ‘Force for Good’ Award and the SME Cambridgeshire Business Award for ‘Community Business of the Year’. We achieved Investors In People Gold accreditation in 2018 – an accolade not previously awarded to an agency of our size – and while we delight in how well we’re doing, it’s the doing good that we are really most proud of.

Our agency’s work is predominantly focussed on:


Building distinct and powerful positioning for our clients

Profile raising

Generating awareness among identified target audiences


Forming and protecting the reputations of organisations, products and services


Driving audience enquiries to increase sales and attract support


Creating internal and external ambassadors for positive word of mouth


Bringing together like-minded organisations for mutual benefit


Forging relationships and goodwill

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