Is it worth jumping on a new social media bandwagon-

There is no shortage of blog posts and online articles telling you what social media channels your business needs to have a presence on, and it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon as soon as a new social platform starts to generate a buzz online. But it is really important to consider whether each platform is right for your business before devoting any part of your social media strategy, and associated budget, to what you think might become ‘the next Facebook’. So how should you determine which channels are suited to your business? In short, your company should be active on the platforms where your audience is most prominent. It can be tempting to try and look like a trend-setter by creating a presence on a new channel, and the channels themselves could be huge hits, like Instagram or Vine, but it is important to remember that there are many social platform flops too. When was the last time you signed into Ello?

The three Ms  

A handy way to evaluate whether your business should be active on a social channel is to review the platform using the three Ms method:

  • Meaningful: Identify the channel’s strengths. Does the channel, and its primary audience, align with your brand?
  • Manageable: Don’t let your presence on your successful social channels suffer in order to accommodate a new platform within your strategy. Consider whether you can repurpose your content across your channels, keeping in mind the different audiences for each, and tailoring the posts accordingly.
  • Measureable: Are you able to measure the value of the platform? Certain channels, like Twitter, offer their own analytics tools, while others don’t make it as easy to measure but might still offer value to your business. How will you measure your return on investment in the channel?


When reviewing your social media strategy, remember what social media should be used for: to build and connect with communities. Do not to let your social media activity become a chore; take a look at one of our previous blog posts on how to manage your accounts in just 15 minutes per day. If used effectively, new platforms can be a great addition to your existing strategy, just remember to use the three Ms before jumping on the bandwagon!

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