This week Conscious Communications grew by 33.3%, not a huge achievement considering the team now numbers only four but for us it is a sign that there is a real market for what we do and that people genuinely like the way we do it.  We believe it is also a sign that, with enough drive and passion, businesses can fight tough economic conditions and thrive.

It became apparent to us this month that there are indeed many businesses, both large and small, across our region (and across the country) that are continuing to develop and grow.   In ghost writing a Special Report for Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce’s Connected magazine we were privileged to speak with business and education leaders from Chamber member organisations and, from all of them, we heard that innovation, diversification, flexibility, partnership working and a can-do attitude are the keys to success. 

Even in the toughest of industry sectors which, in recent years with the impact of climate change so apparent, has to be agriculture, businesses like Produce World show huge strength of character in their management teams.  Talking with William Burgess about events of the past year, the value of continuous innovation and research and development in helping to maintain this oldest of industries is clear.  But, while Produce World has and is surviving and still building, others have and are not, and it seems to us that the strength of individual characters within their driving team and the confidence in their ability to not only weather the storm but to beat it hands down is key.

Another family business that’s also facing 2013 with the optimism and determination now synonymous with its 100 year history,history is one of our favourite clients, Ridgeons Timber and Builders Merchants.  This week they opened their new Green Light Centre of Excellence and Training Academy, with two days of customer and VIP events, in partnership with their training partners Cambridge Regional College, NICIEC and Easy MCS.  This is a great example of how partnerships between organisations are working to help companies diversify and offer new and much needed products and services.  The initiative is an important one for the construction industry in our region and will help businesses take advantage of opportunities that the move towards sustainability offers and, importantly, is a diversification for Ridgeons which adds yet another valuable string to their bow.  The Rt Hon Greg Barker Minister of State for Climate Change even tipped up on Wednesday to look around and congratulate Ridgeons on their achievements with the Centre. 

Major players in the regional construction industry, including Kier Eastern also attended the event  and, talking with managing director, Graham Howe, it’s apparent that Kier too is feeling cautiously optimistic about the year to come, particularly in the Eastern region where there are clear ‘pockets’ of opportunity.

Graham believes that ‘doom and gloom only spreads more of the same’, while a ‘positive attitude to business and innovation has proved to help breed confidence across companies, customers and the whole economy’.   This is an absolute truism we are sure and we also believe, wholeheartedly, that ensuring you have only positive, proactive people in your organisation is another key to success.  This is why we’re so delighted to have Nicola Collenette, ex-drinks industry journalist, as our newest team member.

So, onwards and upwards and here’s to a prosperous 2013.

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