Whether the UK is in or out of the European Union, the Conscious Communications team will continue to thoroughly enjoy our international working! We are incredibly privileged in our day to day activities to work with people from across the globe, from Cambridge to Washington, Germany to China.

We are currently getting to grips with gamification through our work with REACTOR – an exciting project with Anglia Ruskin University and the European Regional Development Fund. REACTOR was launched on the evening of Wednesday 29 March at the Big Games Challenge 2017 introductory seminar: the Challenge put to local SMEs is to consider the ways that applied gaming can enhance visitors’ experiences to the region. It’s not too late to participate – the Challenge is still accepting applications.

Since 2013 the team has championed Marshal Papworth through our work with the charity, which enables students from developing countries to develop practical agricultural and horticultural skills and valuable knowledge by attending training in the UK. In turn the students return to their local communities and are able to share what they have learnt to better meet the future needs of generations to come! The students also host a Taste of Africa event each year in which they, supported by the team at Marshal Papworth, can showcase some of their home cultures – click here to view images of the 2016 event.

The Conscious Communications team works closely with members of the International Baccalaureate (IB) team, based in The Hague, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Morocco, Spain, Germany, Turkey and the U.A.E, to name just a few. This gives Sophie, Senior PR and Marketing Executive, as well as the wider team, regular insights into the cultures and customs – and different (!) climates – of these countries, but even more than that we have been able to develop a real appreciation for the IB’s ethos, in which being internationally-minded is a cornerstone.  In fact, the IB values an international outlook so much that its programmes are designed to increase future generations’ understanding of languages, cultures, and how to be active participants in a global society.

Hannah, our Content and Communications Manager, is embedded in the team at St Mary’s School, Cambridge and has recently worked on the school’s termly magazine, Accolade, which on this occasion celebrates all things Modern Foreign Languages (MFL). The school actively embraces and celebrates its diversity – the student body boasts 30 different nationalities and a similar number of different native languages (and the two do not always correlate)! The magazine looks at how important it is for schools to invest in MFL, and the opportunities languages provide to young people (and older people), but also looks at the experience from the other perspective: that of all the day and boarding students, and staff members, for whom English is not a native language and yet is the common language of the school and the language used in lessons.

Switching from Modern Foreign Languages to Mathematics, Senior PR and Marketing Executive, Kathryn, has been working with Cambridge Mathematics to promote the work they are doing. Director of Cambridge Mathematics, Lynne McClure, spent a week in Beijing reviewing the differences and similarities between the mathematics curricula in the UK and China, and discussing how the two countries can collaborate to create a mathematics education that benefits students from all countries and backgrounds – taking the very best from both countries to develop evidence of best practice from around the world.

As a country we may be obsessing about Brexit, but we expect to meet and greet, correspond and collaborate with international colleagues as much as ever before!

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