Most people have heard of or used Snapchat – the popular mobile app for sharing personal photos and videos, with the unique 10-second self-destruct on all “snaps” (messages) sent. Snapchat was originally launched to help teens stay in contact with their friends; however it is now widening its customer demographic to include businesses. With its primary function rapidly changing, Conscious Communications is here to help you decide whether your business needs to integrate Snapchat in to its social media strategy.  Joining a new social media channel and using it in the appropriate way can help successfully promote a business’ campaign (see these instances when businesses have creatively used Snapchat to their advantage) but before committing to a presence on the platform you must assess and audit whether it is best suited to your business objectives and, as with every social platform, if your company has the skills and manpower to use Snapchat effectively.


Statistically speaking, Snapchat is a very attractive social platform and could help a business reach an ever-growing network of Snapchat users. When considering whether Snapchat is right for your business, taking a look at its demographic is a good place to start:

  • Currently 100 million people are active on Snapchat daily and 60 percent of them post every day
  • 86 percent of users are aged between 13 – 37
  • 8,796 photos are shared every second
  • Daily video views amount to seven million


Transient content

Like it or loathe it, Snapchat is the first social network to make use of temporary messaging; this provides intimacy and immediacy – both buzzwords in the world of marketing. Users are only able to see stories (a string of snaps to create a narrative) for a maximum of 24 hours, creating the ultimate ‘in the moment’ story-telling content. Snapchat users are more likely to frequently check the app in order to make sure they don’t miss out on these transient posts. Any visual a business shares must be short, direct and, ultimately, creative to have the desired impact. The fast paced nature of Snapchat could influence the way your business generates new and exciting ideas to promote a campaign, offering a unique way to showcase your brand – thus combatting the issue of ‘banner blindness’; people’s tendency to ignore banner ads on websites, even when they contain information relevant to the visitor.

Immersive mobile experience

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, people in the UK check their phones on average 27 times a day. The power of an addictive mobile app is not to be underestimated. Viral app successes such as the hugely popular ‘Flappy Birds’ demonstrate the real potential mobile apps have when it comes to attracting a large, and varied, following. With this in mind, Snapchat’s mobile-friendly app seems like the ideal opportunity for businesses that are looking to engage with the largely younger demographic. Snapchat also features the added bonus of full-screen and vertical content, meaning any posts are perfectly adjusted to the screen – a feature which is extremely important to the time pressured mobile user of today.

So, should your business be on Snapchat? The advice from the team here at Conscious Communications – if your objective is to raise brand awareness and your target audience is on Snapchat, then your business should be too. However, it is worth bearing in mind that Snapchat used to have a reputation for insalubrious messaging, which should be taken into consideration when deciding if the app is right for your business. Steer clear of jumping on social media bandwagons and examine the aims of your social media strategy before committing to a presence on any social network.

If you want to find out more, keep your eyes peeled for our blog post on ‘3 ways to use Snapchat for business’ coming soon.

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