41 percent of us will have made a New Year’s resolution at midnight on 31st December but 46 percent of these resolutions will last just 6 months and only 19 percent a full year. 

Every January the media rejoices in reporting on popular resolutions, personal and professional, many of which are predictable but enjoyable to make fun of nonetheless, even if some of them are a little too familiar, personally.  This year, the Guardian published its list with a twist: the top twelve resolutions NOT to make.   The Conscious Communications team’s favourite in this list is the new hairdo.  The sense of growing dismay and regret as your new image takes shape in the hairdresser’s mirror beautifully captured in this piece – resolution or not, who hasn’t experienced this one!

The media’s other favourite list for January is that of personal finance resolutions.  This list is similar across all media every year and a sad indictment to creative thinking.  For 2014 the recurring theme is to make better use of free on-line tools and advice to help manage and monitor your finances.  The internet has, of course, transformed the world of personal finance and allows us to research and compare information across multiple providers, products and services as never before.  ‘Switching’ is now part of our everyday vocabulary but the figures are still very low – in September 2013 the Payments Council launched a new Current Account Switch Service designed to motivate more consumers to change their bank.  One month later they announced that 89,000 switches had been completed since launch, but this was just 9,000 more than the same period the previous year when no such service was available.  The assumption could be that the public is apathetic.  But, maybe it’s simply that we’ve taken our New Year’s resolution, dug around and used free on-line information to search out better deals, then spoken to our bank and, hey-presto, customer service has kicked in and they’ve risen to the challenge and structured a package to suit us better.  That’s the experience of one member of our team anyway.

Members of the Conscious Communications team have all, individually, made New Year’s resolutions for 2014.  Interestingly in all cases these resolutions relate to learning something and ‘bettering ourselves’ in some way. 

CPD in social media is a recurring theme for us – the world in which we work moves so fast that it is essential to our work that we stay on the learning curve and, therefore, as well as being on our resolutions lists social media is naturally integrated as part of our on-going external training programme.

Without going into too many dull specifics, other resolutions from our team include further learning in sustainable business practices and collaborations; and greater involvement with local charitable causes.  If this all sounds very ‘worthy’, we definitely have some hairdos in the frame too! 

Importantly, how will we go about keeping these resolutions? According to International Business Times there are five things we all should do to ensure we keep our promises to ourselves.  The Conscious Communications team’s favourite of these is to ‘make a vision board’ – what, really?!  That sounds like a whole resolution in itself and far too much like hard work to be practical.  We actually think it’s more a case of just getting on with it although, undoubtedly, making a resolution with a friend can help, so the ‘buddy’ system described in the IBT piece has some merit.  However, buddies also have the potential to lead you astray and weaken your resolve so, one final resolution for our list is, beware the ‘weak buddy’.

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