It’s not what you say but what you do – leading by example (whether you’re hoping to positively influence your children, your employees, your congregation) is a successful technique for influencing others’ behaviour.  A positive role model can fuel the strength and goodness within others and motivate kind and giving behaviour, energy and passion.  Conversely, a negative role model can just as easily promote poor behaviour, demotivation, low morale and productivity in others.  A boss who shows no respect for their team will quickly leave them feeling undervalued and unmotivated.  These people have the ability to suck the energy out of an otherwise positive working environment.  At a time when foul words and thoughts appear to spring easily from the mouths of world leaders and are as easily dismissed by their followers for having no importance, it seems to us that the need for each and every one of us to focus on providing positive role models to those around us is greater than ever.

At Conscious Communications we operate by a set of values which the whole team has developed together.  They describe the way that we set out to work with each other and with our clients and suppliers on a daily basis and provide us with an anchor from which to measure our activity.  They ensure that we not only do right by our clients but that we also do right by each other and those working and living around us:

Respect – for our clients and business partners, the environment, local communities and each other

Responsibility – committed to delivering what we promise

Integrity – honesty and openness, where our behaviour matches what we say

Investment – in our continuous learning and development ensuring we deliver innovative and creative solutions

Commitment – striving to ensure we not only deliver quality but we exceed expectations each and every time

Appreciation – we listen to and value others’ contributions and are thankful for their support while offering the same in return

This year, to give us a daily reminder of these values being the things that bind us together and make our work worthwhile, we invested in a small Christmas present for ourselves in the form of these stick note blocks!


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