This first posting marks the launch of Conscious Communications and the start of an interesting and no doubt challenging journey ahead. We have taken our inspiration for the company from many sources and I continue to be inspired daily by the efforts of people and the ethos of companies I come into contact with.

The Responsible Business Summit a couple of weeks back showcased some shining examples of this and I was particularly taken by the story of the first two years of Warburtons’ CSR journey…

There are many lessons we can all learn from their experiences and I suspect that this blog will, in time, become a barometer of our own journey and experiences as a growing company and one that supports and promotes our clients’ achievements. 

SMEs are responsible for 99% of all enterprise in the UK and around 50% of all private sector turnover (Federation of Small Businesses) and, as such, have a huge part of play in the nation’s efforts to combat climate change and build a sustainable future. It would be good to think that many more of them will find their way onto big conference podiums in coming years to share their learnings in the search for best business practice.

Collaboration is clearly a powerful strategy for small and large businesses alike. There are some fantastic examples of large corporates collaborating with NGOs across the world for the good of the environment and communities. Research supports their thinking that a strong CR strategy can have a positive impact on the bottom-line. According to Accenture research reported today in The Guardian more than three out of four (78%) senior global executives believe sustainability plays a ‘vital’ role in the future growth of their businesses. This is true also on a much smaller scale for SMEs where Aristotle’s theory of ‘the whole being greater than the sum of its parts’ has merit. The pooling of resources and combining of effort can have a far greater impact on the end result but it often takes courage, foresight and the ability to put competitive shyness to one side for a greater good.

I’ve had the pleasure and fortune to work with some bold and forward thinking people over the years and their tenacity can take them to places that their competitors only dream of. I hope to work with many more in the coming years – they are the people that drive entrepreneurial thinking and have the ability to carve a brighter business future for the next generation.

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