Over the last few years brands have noticeably changed their selling strategies; they are now marketing products through a narrative – a story that takes an audience on a journey – rather than through presenting the more simplistic ‘BUY ME’ language.

This ‘storytelling’ style of marketing is multifaceted and focusses on telling the brand’s story, and using a variety of methods across multiple platforms. Think social media, print media and outdoor advertising to name just a few. Brands adopt this style of marketing in order to push out an authentic, and consistent, message which, in turn, builds a coherent and trustworthy image of its company. Generally, successful storytelling brands:

  • put the consumer at the centre of the story;
  • adopt a unique personality;
  • have a sense of purpose.


GoPro is leading the way with successful storytelling, as its ‘story’ is pieced together using social media engagement by people using its products – genius! The brand loves to share video content, stories and anecdotes from its customers, which builds a sense of community among its users; take GoPro’s Baby Ava YouTube video for example, the consumer is at the heart of the story.

Say it with pictures

Telling stories visually is the quickest medium of telling a story; on average a person’s attention span is between three and eight seconds. Statistics have proven that content marketing is vastly more effective through infographics and visuals. Images can help your business tell its story quicker and, more importantly, with impact and emotion. Our brains decode visual information 60,000 times faster than text. If you’re a small business, we would recommend using free tools such as Piktochart and Canva; online design apps that take little effort to produce high quality graphics. Each tool even offers design templates to cater to those who may not feel creatively inspired.

Start thinking like your customers and focus on their wants and needs. Tell them stories that they can emotionally connect with, create content that informs, entertains and provides value to your audience. In doing so, the content you create will build relationships with your audience based on trust that will ultimately drive real sales and business value.

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