When certain companies are mentioned in conversation, there is an automatic
recognition response in your brain that will identify the logo that company uses.
But what is it that makes these logos so memorable?

Branding firm Siegel + Gale conducted research
into what makes logos unforgettable. In an online survey 3000 respondents from
the US and UK were asked to evaluate logos for over 100 of the world’s largest
brands. The results concluded a number of things:

Simplicity is key

Firstly, when developing a logo, respondents stated the logos they found most memorable were
simple. “Simple was the word that came up above and beyond, more than anything
else” commented Brian Rafferty, Global Director of Research Insights for Siegel
+ Gale, other descriptors were: everywhere, design, name, shape and colour.


It has been widely acknowledged that different colours used on logos will provoke different
emotions from consumers. There has been extensive research into the psychology
of colour and how the colour of a company’s logo alters customers’ opinion. Research suggests
that 84.7 percent of consumers cite colour of
a product’s packaging as the primary reason they buy it. The research also reveals
that individuals make a sub-conscious decision about an environment or product
within 90 seconds of initial viewing; between 62 percent and 90 percent of that
assessment is based on colour alone.

80 percent of people claim colour increases brand recognition, but what if the
colour changed? Would we still identify the correct logo? Take our quiz to see
if you know brands as well as you think you do:

How much does colour define a brand?


Finally Siegel + Gale’s research indicated that there is a familiarity bias among
consumers, in the sense that when individuals are familiar with a brand, they
are more likely to assign positive descriptions and recommendations to that
product. This goes a long way in explaining why brands receive such strong
feedback when they go through logo redesigns, most recently we saw this when Google updated its iconic logo.

The research concluded that memorable logos are 13 percent more likely to get
customers’ attention and 7 percent more likely to make consumers want to learn
more about the brand.

Some logos serve as a figure head for their brand, therefore when you are creating a
logo for your business you need to think clearly to ensure it is totally
representative of your company and brand. You need to consider your audience,
company values and key characteristics. So, what are the top ten most memorable
global logos?

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