During this worrying and uncertain time, rather than focus on the negatives, the Conscious Communications team wanted to share how they have been finding joy and happiness in lockdown.


Sophie Baillie:

“Connecting with my neighbours has brought me great happiness. On one side of my house is an elderly lady called Bobby, and over the last few weeks we have become close, having daily chats (2 meters apart, of course!) through our garden fence. It gives me a warm feeling that she knows we are in this together and isn’t alone. A “hello” and “how are you?” goes a long way and we shouldn’t forget that.”


breakfast in the back garden image

Ellie Tudor:

“Something simple – enjoying breakfast in the sunshine. Eating in the garden with the sun on my face really sets me up for the day ahead and brightens my mood.”


Joanna Colley:

“When I lived in hilly Yorkshire and Shropshire I would go out for long bike rides all the time, however since moving to Cambridge I’ve really fallen out of love with the sport – partly due to the lack of challenging hills, and partly due to living in the city centre and having to battle at least three miles of traffic until I get anywhere near clear roads to cycle safely. Since the lockdown began, and the roads have miraculously cleared, I’ve found so much more joy in cycling – exploring the Cambridgeshire countryside, without the fear of being run over!”


George Pickford:

“Having been away all of last year I didn’t get the chance to bring my guitar with me, or play at all whilst I was in a different country, and so I was dreading returning home and being really rusty when it came to playing. I wasn’t sure how I would get back up to speed with everything going on, moving into a new home, starting a new job, seeing old friends etc. However, the silver lining to the lockdown is that it’s given me the uninterrupted chance, and time needed, to dust the cobwebs off and start making music again.”


Ali's dog, Luna, picture

Ali White:

“I have finished three books and am spending a lot of time with Luna (my dog). She’s a day maker every day!”

Children's Beach toys image

Zoë Scorer:

“Spending more time with my daughter as we are all at home together brings me great happiness every day. From long walks and being in the garden to baking and arts and crafts. I would never claim to be ‘crafty’ (I was not the best Art student!) but since being in lockdown I have found myself making various inventions out of egg boxes, to the great joy of my daughter!”


Al Beeson:

“The smallest living things that I’m currently appreciating are the wrens (Troglodytes troglodytes) that visit our garden. These little shouty birds are frequent callers, and with their machine gun trill (which is becoming more familiar), it surprises and amuses me just how much louder it is than you’d expect from such tiny little birds.”


Alison Taylor:

“The highlight of each week of lockdown for me has been my date with the National Theatre Live on Thursday evening – the standard of productions has been tremendous and I’ve enjoyed a variety of plays that I wouldn’t have seen live, from James Corden in One Man, Two Guvnors, to Frankenstein staring Benedict Cumberbatch. Enough to lift anyone’s spirits, with a well-timed interval for us to applaud the NHS at 8pm!”


Blessing Raimi:

“During the lockdown period I have progressed my language studying further. It has been really enjoyable learning more about the Korean language and culture.”


Freddy Logan:

“Daily evening walks during lockdown have given me ample opportunity to appreciate and enjoy surrounding countryside and the therapeutic nature of rurality. My lockdown wildlife-spotting diary currently includes entries from tawny owls, muntjac, green-spotted woodpeckers and roe deer. In times such as these, birdsong and greenery have never been more needed – or appreciated!”


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