November 3, 2021

Conscious collaboration: six months of building relationships

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Conscious collaboration: six months of building relationships


Hanna, Senior PR and Marketing Executive:
  • The power of relationships
  • The necessity of continuous learning
  • Collaboration is key

It’s hard to believe that six months have passed since I joined Conscious Communications. Starting a new role in the middle of a global pandemic was daunting, but the time has flown by and it feels like I have been part of the team for much longer. 

Before I started my role as Senior PR and Marketing Executive, I worked in sales and marketing for a number of different hotels and it has been interesting to see how many of these skills have been transferrable to my new role at the agency. One of my main focuses since joining has been building relationships with journalists and editors at key publications, regionally and nationally, learning how to stand out from the hundreds of other emails and pitches the average journalist receives on a daily basis. I learnt quickly that taking the time to understand what topics will excite a particular journalist, and how they prefer to work, is key to securing quality coverage for a client. It has been exciting to flex my media relations muscles and see our clients represented, locally and nationally, in titles from The Guardian education supplement to Cambridge 105. It’s comforting to know that relationships with people remain important, no matter what industry you are in.  

As well as the power of relationships, I have also learnt the necessity of continuous learning. Now I work in public relations and marketing, mindless scrolling through social media now has a purpose; every scroll is an opportunity to find inspiration to elevate content creation for clients. The digital landscape is constantly changing and so it is essential that we keep up with the latest trends. One area I have really enjoyed is our regular internal brainstorming sessions to consolidate our knowledge and share best practice to benefit our clients. The collaborative nature of the team is one of the things that I find so satisfying about the role. 

Speaking of clients, I’m proud to be leading on my first two accounts. I am currently working on the sixth FXP Festival, our very own charity focused on computer game design and development for students aged 12 – 19, and The Cavendish School, the world’s first International Baccalaureate (IB) special autism school. As an advocate for opportunities for young people, it is incredibly fulfilling to work strategically on the Festival and with the school leadership team to support the education and development of students in Cambridgeshire.  

With my first six months under my belt, I am looking forward to seeing where the next six months takes me.