Sophie, PR and Marketing Manager.

I have been really lucky in my five years at Conscious Communications to have been able to support a wide variety of charities through our internal volunteering programme, where every team member is given two paid days to support a charity of choice. From working with a national charity that combats loneliness amongst the elderly community to a regional charity that supports young carers, a children’s bereavement charity and more, giving back to charitable organisations in any capacity is something I feel strongly about, so I am very fortunate that my employer is passionate about this too.

I knew what charity I wanted to support this year, and that was Alzheimer’s Society. It is the only UK charity that campaigns for change, funds research to find a cure and supports people living with dementia today; watch the charity’s social strategy here. It’s a scary fact but dementia is the UK’s biggest killer. Someone develops the condition every three minutes and currently there is no cure.

Last year, I sadly lost a family member to the illness and the charity’s website helped me understand what was happening and the road that was ahead. It felt really important to me to give back to a charity that had supported me in a time of need.

Although a national charity, I supported the small local team that works across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Bedfordshire, and used my skills to develop communications that the team could use to target corporates for support; whether that be financial or volunteering.

I spent the morning of my first day brainstorming the best way to reach and effectively market to corporates. I pulled my thoughts together and decided that I needed to create a piece of communication that could be delivered both digitally to inboxes and physically to desks. From this, I drafted an introductory letter, which was branded into a MailChimp email template and printable letter. Knowing that the letter needed a strong call to action to grab the reader’s attention, I then developed three different branded PDFs: How can your company get involved?, What are the benefits of partnering with Alzheimer’s Society? and What difference could you make?, which were hyperlinked in to the MailChimp email and could be printed to accompany the letter.

It was gratifying to receive a message from the charity’s representative saying that what I had produced was exactly what they had in mind with their corporate approaches. Knowing that I had shaped a valuable piece of collateral for the team really warmed my heart and just deepened my passion for giving back.

I will continue to support the charity on a personal level and will be taking part in its Memory Walk in October. I am also really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into our charity of the year programme with Wood Green over the next fiscal year, another charity that is very close to my heart but for different reasons. It feels good to give back, and I hope that other companies start to follow suit, it certainly has, and will continue to make my time at Conscious Communications more fulfilling.

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