April 27, 2023

Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

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Keir Taylor, PR & Marketing Assistant:

Please give us a short introduction to you.

After quite a while of struggling to find the career that was right for me, I ended up working for an agency that specialised in music public relations alongside my university studies. I knew right away it was the career for me. Although relatively new to the industry, I’ve worked with clients across a wide range of industries which have helped me to develop my skillset, such as music, education and tech. After such a brilliant start to my career, I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Can you give us an overview of your first month at the agency?

There has been a lot to learn and get used to, but it’s been amazing. I’ve loved working with a fantastic, friendly team who have already taught me so much, as well as learning all about our clients, which has been a brilliant experience in itself. 

Is there a reason why you enjoy the role?

One of the many reasons I enjoy my job role at Conscious Communications is that we work with such a fantastic range of clients. From education, charity to tech, there is always something different to learn and explore, making my role feel exciting and new every single day. 

What inspires you most?

Doing work that means something to me and the world around me is something that is of particular focus. At my previous roles, I found myself feeling unfulfilled as I didn’t feel as though I was making the impact I desired. In public relations and marketing, and especially at Conscious Communications, I feel that the work I do makes a difference and is a part of something greater. 

What is your favourite campaign that other brands have created?

In 2018, Nike started a new ‘Just Do It’ campaign called ‘Dream Crazy’. This campaign saw several US athletes feature in their ads, but most notably the former San Francisco 49ers quarter-back, Colin Kaepernick. In 2016, Kaepernick famously took a knee during the National Anthem in protest to the treatment of African-Americans in the US. Nike took inspiration from this event for their ad, with Kaepernick’s individual ‘Dream Crazy’ advert stating, “believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” It was inspiring to me that someone who had been through so much personally to not move an inch, and keep doing what they believe is right, no matter the consequences.