May 23, 2023

Meet the Team

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Meet the Team


David Hartley, PR & Marketing Manager:

Please give us a short introduction to you.

I joined Conscious Communications as a PR & Marketing Manager in March 2023, having spent three and a half years in a busy press office for Anglian Water and almost two years as an Account Manager at a marketing agency in St Neots. After tackling the world of water, I was fortunate to experience a breadth of different clients, from web3.0, metaverse and cryptocurrency start-ups to established health, leisure, and wellbeing brands. If you want any water-related facts, I’m your man!

Can you give us an overview of your first month at the agency?

It’s been very busy, fascinating, fun, and I’ve learnt a tonne of information already. It really helps to be able to settle into a new role when the team are all friendly, funny, and passionate about what they do, and that’s exactly how I would describe the team at Conscious Communications. I’ve been fortunate enough to also get involved with the company’s own charity events and contribute to something positive for the region. 

Is there a reason why you enjoy the role?

What I love most is being able to work for an organisation and clients that have a positive impact. Too often, sadly, marketers can end up compromising on their values and morals to be able to promote a product or service which they don’t truly believe in. At Conscious Communications, our work is purposeful and impact-driven, fostering a culture of positivity, which we reflect in our pro-bono work too and makes me feel proud to work here.

What inspires you most?

Hard-working people are my biggest inspiration. I’ve seen family members persist through incredibly difficult jobs with a smile on their face and finding the positive in every situation. It inspires me every day to witness family, friends, colleagues, or even clients, that work extremely hard in whatever they set out to do while maintaining a positive attitude and wanting to do good in the world. The unsung heroes that keep the world turning, that’s inspiring.

What is your favourite campaign that other brands have created?

One of the simplest but most effective campaigns that always sticks with me is Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. What originated in Australia back in 2011 suddenly became a worldwide activation that saw people scouring shops and fridges for a Coke with their name on it. It was such a great idea and it translated brilliantly through TV, OOH advertising and social media, bringing together consumers from multiple generations to get involved. Simple, easy to understand and effective. I loved it.