September 5, 2023

Meet the Team

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Meet the Team


George Inwards, Junior Content Designer:

Please give us a short introduction to you, how long you have been at Conscious Communications and your job role.

I’m George, a designer that particularly enjoys typography and exploring printing with letterpress in my spare time. I have been at Conscious Communications for just over a month now and have been enjoying my role as Junior Content Designer within the creative team.

How has your time at the agency been so far?

My time at the agency so far has been fantastic! I’ve had the pleasure of working on so many projects already, and getting to know my new colleagues through ‘afternoon tea’ lunch and games of table tennis! (Bonnie the new office pup is a lovely little added bonus too)

Is there a piece of work you are particularly proud of, or a reason why you enjoy the role?

I’ve particularly enjoyed refreshing Cambridge City Foodbank’s social templates, I feel privileged to get to support a charity that is doing amazing things. Play Included is another brand I’ve enjoyed working on so far – it’s another company doing great things and also has nice brand colours to work with.

I’m enjoying the role because it’s varied: some projects have tight/longer deadlines, some have strict brand guidelines, others have fewer so there’s more room for creativity. All of the brands have something interesting which keeps my days exciting!

What inspires you most?

Designing work that has an impact or is working towards a better world. Design with meaning, it doesn’t just look nice, it has a reason to be there, even if that reason is as simple as making someone smile.

It’s really inspiring to see other designer’s work too, it gets me excited and makes me want to create more. Design is always changing and evolving, it’s never boring in my eyes. I get excited to see designs that make me laugh or really think about the subject – to me that is design done well.

What is your favourite visual campaign/design that brands have created?

Cadbury’s AgeUK packaging:
In 2019, Cadbury’s released chocolate bars without any words on the packaging. The campaign was about ‘donating words’ from its packing. This was all based on research showing 225,000 elderly people can sometimes go a whole week without speaking to anybody at all. Cadbury’s donated 30p of every purchase to AgeUK, the bars raised £400,000 for the charity.

McDonalds late night ads:
I also thought that McDonald’s New Zealand bus stop ads were very clever. They were a series of designs with phrases like ‘Five Cheebs Urgas’, or ‘A Bubble Caught a Panda and a Cloak’, accompanied by with the line ‘We speak late night’. This was a very light hearted campaign encouraging people to grab a McDonalds after a good night out.