May 2, 2023

Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Isobel King head and shoulders portrait photo

Isobel King, PR & Marketing Executive:

Please give us a short introduction to you.

I started my journey into communications by volunteering for a charity in Sheffield when I was at university, which works to end period poverty in Sheffield and East Africa. During the pandemic I helped draft their social media posts and assisted with virtual fundraisers.
I finished my masters in political communication last September and worked part time for its Alumni department as a Communications Assistant, where I managed their social media channels. Prior to my current position at Conscious Communications, I worked in a consumer-based PR agency which specialised in food and lifestyle.

Can you give us an overview of your first month at the agency?

My first month at Conscious Communications has been a blast, and time goes fast when you are having fun! The office has a friendly and supportive atmosphere which has made me feel so welcome. It has been great working on B2B accounts, and working in different sectors such as education and technology.

Is there a reason why you enjoy the role?

I really enjoy seeing the positive impact of my work and working at Conscious Communications has enabled me to achieve this in the short time I have been here. From sharing local, heart-warming stories to promoting important steps on how companies can achieve net-zero; the work we do has real, positive impact.

What inspires you most?

Gaining knowledge and trying new things in areas that are new to me inspires and motivates me. I have experienced this already in my first month, which has made me excited for the future with Conscious Communications! In particular, I have enjoyed learning about the steps companies in Cambridge are taking to reduce their carbon emissions which will benefit the city locally, but also contribute to tackling climate change in the UK. 

What is your favourite campaign that other brands have created?

As a foodie, I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest food trends and releases. The collaboration of Heinz and Absolut with their Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce not only made me want to try it immediately but impressed me with their creativity. However, I am surprised the collaboration did not happen sooner when Vodka Pasta Sauce blew up on TikTok!