Blessing RaimiJunior Content Designer

1. What is the most exciting project that you’ve worked on in the past 12 months and why?

My first project at CC, which was designing the Cottenham Village College prospectus and, more recently, I have been working on the prospectus, brand peripherals and advertising design for a local sixth form college and secondary school; it feels as if my first year has come full circle. As part of this recent work, I have been able to reflect on my growth over the past year and also explore so many different brand ideas across various stationery assets, considering the target audience and the style guide.

2. During your career what is the biggest challenge that you’ve overcome?

The biggest challenge for me has been adjusting to the lockdown period as this was unprecedented for all of us. However, staying connected with the team virtually on video and through voice communication as we would within the office has been a great boost, we have all adapted to the situation and now that some restrictions have been lifted and we are able to go into the office, it’s been great to see my colleagues and interact face to face. Human interaction is so important.

3. What has been a ‘pinch me’ moment?

The hero campaigns on our Instagram stories receiving great feedback from the inspirational people mentioned, especially the International Women’s Day campaign.

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