June 21, 2021

Meet the Team Monday

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Meet the Team Monday


George, PR & Marketing Executive

It’s difficult to pick a single stand out project, as they’ve all offered something unique and exciting to work on in different respects. If I’m allowed to pick two, it would have to be First Lego League and our own charity, FXP Festival.

Being a part of the First Lego League team has been so much fun purely due to the fact we’re helping to promote a great event for a great cause, and I love Lego! Communicating with the schools and their teams has been slightly challenging over the past year due to the pandemic, but we’ve definitely built up the tournament hype for this year and I can’t wait to be a judge for our Bristol date; I’ll get to see some awesome Lego robot programming skills at work!

In regards to FXP Festival, it’s just right up my street. I love gaming and seeing the creativity teams have to put into their games and designs. Running our social media for this has been brilliant fun and it’s provided me with the opportunity to work with our in-house design team on some awesome graphic ideas. The bonus (for me) regarding FXP Festival, is that we also get to work with Mark Ogilvie from Jagex, who is responsible for the creative design of my favourite all time PC game; Runescape.

2. During your career what is the biggest challenge that you’ve overcome?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve found so far has been managing my workload effectively and efficiently as I take on additional clients. Now that I am working across multiple programmes, I prioritise my days and time as much as possible (but we all know things can drop in without much notice!).

In terms of specific tasks, liaising with journalists has been tricky over the past year due to the pandemic and furlough combined with the fact that many are now working from home. However, this hasn’t deterred me to build some brilliant relationships with journalists. I’ve also found working from home to be incredibly challenging at first as I love being in the office environment, but I did get used to it eventually!

3. What has been a ‘pinch me’ moment?

There have been so many of these thanks to the amazing team I’m lucky enough to work with. Two that instantly spring to mind is the first time I saw one of my press releases being used by the BBC for our client the British Nutrition Foundation, and also gaining my first ever promotion in my career. It made it all very real for me.