Joanna ColleyPR and Marketing Manager

1. What is the most exciting project that you’ve worked on in the past 12 months and why?

When I joined Conscious Communications (CC) three years ago, I was lucky enough to work on a project with Cambridge University Press (CUP) where we invited a range of celebrities to be interviewed about their experiences with language learning for CUP’s World of Better Learning blog. This year, we’ve reignited the project to identify more celebs, and, with the help of PR & Marketing Executive Ellie Tudor, we’ve been able to secure some incredible names – from astronauts and explorers to famous authors and actors.

2. During your career what is the biggest challenge that you’ve overcome?

At CC, I’ve worked on a lot of events, mainly focussed on STEM, for a number of different clients, including the IET and FIRST UK, as well as our own initiative, FXP Festival. Although every event comes with its own hurdles, I think something I’ve always found difficult is the nerves that come with running an event! Over the past year or so I think I have slowly but surely overcome this, I’m not sure I can say ‘relaxed’ is the feeling I have about events, but I can definitely say I enjoy them!

3. What has been a ‘pinch me’ moment?

Ah there’s been so many! When we launched the British Nutrition Foundation’s Portion Size guides it really went everywhere. This was a project I’d worked on from start to finish with the BNF, supporting with everything from focus groups on portion sizes, and coming up with the ‘hand’ guides, through to hamper packing and press release drafting. On the day it launched we were busy preparing for our first ever FIRST LEGO League event so (as per previous comment) I was a little preoccupied when it came to recognising what impact our BNF work was having, but, looking back, it really is amazing the coverage we secured. Highlights were BBC Radio 1, BBC Breakfast and a double page spread in the Guardian, featuring pictures of our ‘perfectly portioned’ hampers!

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