September 12, 2022

Meet the Team

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Meet the Team


Rick Newman, Copy & PR & Marketing Executive:

Please give us a short introduction to you, how long you have been at Conscious Communications and your job role. 

My pathway to joining the world of PR & Marketing has been slightly unorthodox. After a successful 12-year career as a professional musician, I decided to hang up my stage-shoes, diversify my skillset and run PR & Communications for some of my friends’ bands. I then joined an agency where I oversaw campaigns for sports teams, charities, brands and more, before deciding at the start of the year that the time was right to search for opportunities. When the opportunity to develop my skillset further at friendly and ethically responsible company Conscious Communications arose, I leapt at the chance.

Can you give us an overview of your first few months at the agency? 

My first few months have been varied and exciting, and I’ve really enjoyed working with a broad range of clients. From renewable energy and health tech consultancy, to leading schools for young people with autism, the work is diverse, and no day is ever boring! I’ve written press releases, features and social copy on subjects I’ve relished learning about since joining the agency, and secured coverage across a wide range of channels.

Is there a piece of work you are particularly proud of, or a reason why you enjoy the role?

I am particularly proud of the features that I’ve written on subjects that I had little prior knowledge of. It is incredibly rewarding to have an expert in their field give your work praise, especially when the piece is based on a complicated brief. This can only be achieved by studying the subject matter in depth and being supported by a strong team, and I’m fortunate to benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of my colleagues.

What inspires you most? 

My ultimate goal in life is to make a positive impact on the world. With my current work, I am able to reflect at the end of a workday, and acknowledge the fact that the work I’m doing is making a small but positive impact on the planet. There are agencies that exist that are willing to work with clients with questionable morals but, fortunately, Conscious Communications is completely different. I pride myself on my ethics, and I can honestly say that in my first few months, I have not had to compromise my own values once.

What are some of your favourite visual public relations/advertising campaigns that other brands have created?

There have been some stunning visual public relations campaigns recently, but as a former musician and a general fan of not taking oneself too seriously, it would be remiss of me to not highlight the recent Lewis Capaldi advertising campaign. After going quiet for a year, the singer marked his return by renting out billboards across the country, and plastering them with an image showcasing his trademark physique. Social media instantly exploded and, whilst this is an obviously humorous example, it’s also proof of how creating eye catching marketing can lead to massive online awareness.