Meet the Team

Tegan Matthews Profile Picture

Tegan Matthews, Copy & Content Manager:

Please give us a short introduction to you, how long you have been at Conscious Communications and your job role. 

Prior to joining Conscious Communications, I worked in the tech and education sectors after completely switching gears and leaving academia. As Content and Copy Manager, my role primarily consists of writing and editing, which suits me perfectly. I’m really enjoying the chance to focus all my energy on the craft of writing. The practice of hiring specialists is what really makes this company work so well together, offering our clients the very best at every area of expertise.

Can you give us an overview of your first few months at the agency? 

It’s been great. I am really enjoying the variety of work that lands on my desk because it means I’m constantly learning and I know it will never get boring. I’ve really enjoyed writing for very different audiences across sectors and then watching how various pieces are distributed, whether it’s a white paper for a website or an article in a magazine. It’s not only being challenged in my role that makes me feel so engaged and interested – the people I work with are creative, fun, inclusive, hard-working and are all committed to providing the best results for our clients.

Is there a piece of work you are particularly proud of, or a reason why you enjoy the role?

Much of my work is writing for quite prominent organisations which are making a real difference in the lives of people all over the world. I’m proud to write content for all of them, helping to drive their message forward and educate people in the UK and across the world. It feels really nice to play a small part in that. I’m also impressed by Conscious Communications’ dedication to a healthy work-life balance. Its family-friendly policies in particular have made navigating work and parenthood feel effortless.

What inspires you most? 

Working in a company that centres ethics at its core is so important to me. And it’s not just all talk – the agency works with clients who are making a real difference in the world and the employees consistently give back to the community. Personally, knowing that what I’m writing really makes a measurable difference in people’s lives is something that makes me want to bring my best to the role every day. The charity work we do as a team has been really inspiring. I’m looking forward to giving more of my time to help address inequality in Cambridge with our own and other charities.

What are some of your favourite visual public relations/advertising campaigns that other brands have created?

Recently, I’ve loved the new Specsavers adverts. I love how they’ve been able to stay true to their motto and keep coming out with fresh and fun ideas around it, which is much more difficult than people realise! IKEA’s cheeky nod to the popularity of Wordle was also very clever.