Charlie, our PR and Marketing intern, reflects on his time working at Conscious Communications

As a recent graduate searching for work, I came across the phrase “no two days are the same” in almost every job description and I found myself asking what this common phrase actually means. My first two months working at Conscious Communications as a PR and Marketing intern have allowed me to understand why so many jobs are described in this way: because it’s so important to enjoy your work and a big part of that is having variety.

Before I arrived, I was comparing the different paths in which to begin my career. The main decision I made was choosing an agency over an in-house role. I knew that working in an agency provides a world of possibilities; I wanted to join a fast-paced environment where I could learn about, and be exposed to, the industry, and try my hand at the different services PR and Marketing agencies provide. The other decision I needed to make was what kind of agency I wanted to work for. It seems as though so many products, personalities and businesses revolve around their image, yet in too many cases there seems to be too little substance behind it. It’s difficult to find a dynamic agency which puts corporate social responsibility at the heart of its business. As such, Conscious Communications stood out to me – as a group of change makers with a shared drive to do well by doing good, communicating messages for clients across almost all sectors.

With the support of fantastic colleagues and PR superheroes, I have tried my hand at all areas of the business. One of the highlights has been attending the FIRST® LEGO® League preview event, where children got the chance to practise with their robots before the big regional tournament early next year. Being part of educational initiatives like this has given me a real buzz, from playing a role in inspiring the next generation of engineering and robotics enthusiasts.

You often get asked in an interview “tell us about a time you managed multiple projects at the same time?”. Thanks to my internship I now have an answer which relates to more than having a dissertation and two essays to hand in! I can often be found working on four different clients at the same time, whether drafting a press release, writing copy for marketing emails or working on social media, my role as an intern is very varied. I am really proud of the knowledge and skills I have gained in such a short time, I have thoroughly enjoyed assisting with event management projects, getting my teeth into research for clients, and seeing how my contribution forms part of the bigger picture.

Now, this may be a little heavy for someone who only has two months’ experience, but I can say I’ve found my chosen career. I look forward to being asked the inevitable question “so, what do you do?”, a question that was answered in Joanna’s recent blog post, and being able to give an answer I am proud of.

Conscious Communications truly is unique in its attitude, working with fantastic clients to bring about real change; I have found genuine job satisfaction. At my university graduation, the chancellor said you never have to work a day in your life if you enjoy what you do. With this in mind, I look forward to what the next day will bring.

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