Last week, half of our team shared their favourite influential campaigns to commemorate the Advertising Club of New York’s 120th anniversary. This week, the same theme continues. What’s been your favourite marketing moment?


Friends Furever by Android

Chosen by Sophie, Senior PR and Marketing Executive

“Besides the obvious ‘aww’ value, Android’s Friends Furever is the ideal complement to the ‘Be together, not the same’ campaign that the company launched in 2015. Showcasing a series of cute animals always shares well, and it certainly did in this case as Friends Furever received 6.5 million shares and is the most viral advert ever according to unruly.”

Android’s effort shows us that by adding clever brand messaging (and maybe a duckling or two), you may have a hit on your hands. Friends Furever was one in a series of TV adverts that featured in the ‘Be together, not the same’ campaign, which was launched to set Android apart from Apple. The campaign focuses on the tailored services its devices offer (i.e. customer screens with widgets); poking fun at Apple and its ‘iSheep following’.


The Cinzano series featuring Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter

Chosen by Paul, Creative Director 

“Although this campaign was very much of its time (late 70’s) it was clever and memorable for all the right reasons. Everybody remembered the ads – and subsequently the drink!”

Between 1978 and 1983, Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter appeared in a series of TV adverts for Cinzano Vermouth. The ads were built on a witty repertoire, which managed to incorporate pleasant descriptions of the drink (highlighting Cinzano’s USP) whilst keeping viewers entertained. Last year, The Telegraph even reported that the drink could be making a comeback!


Should’ve by Specsavers

Chosen by Alison, Managing Director

“My favourite long-term campaign has to be Specsavers ‘Should’ve’ – it is such a strong concept that is has carried the brand for years. My favourite in the series has to be the over 60s one where the old couple sit on a bench to eat their sandwiches and find that they’ve actually sat on a rollercoaster.”

‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ is a line that has become part of UK culture, evolving to become an integral part of its long-term TV campaign. Having invested nearly £500 million in advertising over 30 years, the company commands a dominant share of voice and consistent revenue growth for the business. A broad appeal, commitment to humour as an advertising tool and distinctive, familiar brand assets that build memory structure have all contributed to £1.1bn of incremental profit over 30 years.


One Doughrection by Pizza Express

Chosen by Hannah, Content and Communications Manager

“I thought it was so clever that Pizza Express used its iconic dough balls to show off their brand personality and to create topical social media content. I feel like this was quite advanced at the time and before everyone else was creating ‘off the cuff’ posts in such timely manner!”

Pizza Express has used its dough balls for a number of characters, or just a way of commenting on popular news, as part of its social media strategy. The One Doughrection image was tweeted the same day as the One Direction, This Is Us, concert film opened in the UK (August 2013).

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