Cambridge Science Centre

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Project description

Children’s educational charity, Cambridge Science Centre, opened a small showroom on the outskirts of Cambridge city centre and needed help promoting its new COSMIC exhibition to drive visitors and boost ticket sales for the exhibition. We devised a media relations strategy around a creative ‘science-stunt’ involving Cambridge Science Centre’s own science communicator and self-confessed ‘Puntanaut’ assembling a rocket-engine, adapted to be powered by Cambridge’s own Fitzbillies’ bun mixture, aboard a Cambridge punt. The punt was then ‘fired’ down the River Cam, in a re-enactment of Voyage of the Beagle, from the banks of the University’s Darwin College.

Results: implementing a stunt that reached a total estimated audience of 733,684,595 and was the most viewed video on BBC News Online that day, and, importantly, increasing ticket sales by 821%