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Project description

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) works internationally to make the internet a safer place by removing images of child sexual abuse. We were tasked with raising the profile of IWF’s CEO and the work of IWF. Through proactive media relations activity we built IWF’s share of voice in the UK media by generating interview opportunities with national media titles and broadcast outlets. We also created the compelling ‘no such thing’ campaign targeting media outlets and NGOs calling for a commitment from UK media to stop using the inaccurate and misrepresentative phrases: “Child Pornography”, “Child Porn”, and “Kiddie Porn”, which generated substantial engagement on social media. We secured commitment from The Guardian Media Group, IPSO and The Editors Code to support the campaign and take this into consideration in their editorial practices.

reaching a total audience of 19,243,213,338 generated from 17 pieces of coverage in a three month period.