April 15, 2020

Outback to Office

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Outback to Office

George Pickford in the Outback

George Pickford, PR & Marketing Executive
  • A well-oiled machine: an understatement for the Conscious Communications team
  • Meeting colleagues while self-isolating
  • Getting stuck in
  • Viruses, video-calls and the challenges of starting a new job while staying at home

Firstly, I would like to start by saying that I feel completely privileged to be working for a company as exciting, ethical and forward thinking as Conscious Communications.

If I had to sum up my first two weeks working with the Conscious Communications team, one of the first words that instantly springs to mind is just that; TEAM. The reason I’m placing such great emphasis on this to start with is purely down to the fact that it’s undeniably obvious that this is the core value, motivator and catalyst that drives this company forward.

To many people, meeting a group of new colleagues in the office for the first time may be a nerve racking prospect, let alone doing it through the lens of a video camera. Subconsciously, you don’t realise how important reading body language is, and it can make things tremendously difficult when your ability to do this is removed!

Well, thankfully I’m glad to say that my introduction and inclusion has been extremely pleasant. Every member of the team is welcoming, open, and happy to have me on board, (in which I’m so grateful). There is a real spirit and strong working relationship between these guys that can’t be said for so many other businesses. Help and advice is passed openly and fluidly through online chat channels and video calls; if this is how effectively everyone communicates when we are all working from home, then I can only imagine how electric it is in the office.

I’ve already had the chance to work on some awesome things just in the last couple of weeks, and although the workload definitely keeps you busy, it is such interesting stuff and really motivates you to work to the best of your ability. One of the (many) things that really attracts me to this line of work is the variety! Being able to work with clients from different industries is absolutely fantastic. It’s clear that everyone at Conscious Communications loves what they do, and is passionate about their work. It’s so refreshing to be in a working environment with that culture.

The biggest challenges for me so far have varied. As this is my first ‘’office’’ job, it’s quite a learning experience at the moment. Getting familiarised with lots of different software has been awkward here and there, but, like anything, with time you get to grips with things, and I’m starting to feel more comfortable using the software day to day. One big challenge for me is to actually know I’m doing the ‘’right’’ thing workwise. I’m sure learning office etiquette and practices for the first time isn’t too much of an issue normally, but working from home right off the bat doesn’t give you the ability to pick up on or learn this instantly.

Starting a new job amidst a global pandemic has been one of the strangest experiences I’ve had for a while, and having just returned from a year travelling in Australia, that’s saying something!

Despite this, my confidence in the role is growing day by day, and everything I have worked on so far has been interesting. Conscious Communications is absolutely brilliant to work for, and have made me feel very welcome. Thanks guys!