April 13, 2022

Seasonal trends for unforgettable events

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Seasonal trends for unforgettable events


Elle Roberts-Nissen, Head of Events:
  • Spring florals
  • Get creative with summer drinks
  • Using natural elements in events
  • Festive catering

It’s been a busy month launching our new events department at Conscious Communications, and I have loved getting to know our clients and planning standout events for them. Now that in-person events are making a comeback, it’s even more exciting. I’ve been thinking about some seasonal trends you may want to consider to elevate your next product launch, networking or media event, team-building or training day, conference, or even your company’s Christmas party. 

Believe it or not, choosing a season for your event is just as important as choosing the theme. Company anniversaries, days related to your theme, and the ambience required to match the tone of your event are all important factors (as is thinking about when staff are likely to be on holiday!). Here are some considerations for each season. 


Spring is the flower season! Adding florals to your event is not only pleasing to the eye but adds divine scents for your guests to enjoy, and lends an air of luxury. From large arrangements to whimsical centrepieces, flowers always make a statement. They engage nearly all our senses: smell, sight, touch and taste. We tend to think of their use in weddings, but flowers can be incorporated into your catering (edible florals add a nice kick of flavour), be installed as part of a lovely hanging floral feature for some serious wow factor, or be assembled into an Instagrammable flower wall for those all-important selfies that help create brand awareness. 

Choosing the right flowers for your event is also an important consideration. We can help you choose and source just the right flowers to match the tone of your event, from formal to casual and everything in between, complementing the atmosphere and style you are looking for.


Everyone loves a sunny, summer day, but as much as we’d all love to enjoy a full three months of uninterrupted good weather, we just can’t count on the British climate. That’s why I always recommend booking a venue that has great indoor and outdoor spaces when it comes to summer events. 

Personalising festivals and picnics, garden parties and team-building events can be easy: consider custom drinks that have been tailored to match your business, even adding colours to match your branding. Welcoming your guests in this way makes for a fun and unforgettable arrival.


This season is arguably the prettiest if you love warm, earthy colours. Fire pits are a cosy addition for those cool evenings and add a real-life warmth that brings those autumn colours to life. With the renewed desire for sustainability, there is a real opportunity here to create eco-friendly events that incorporate reusing and repurposing, such as foraging and recycling which reduce the carbon footprint of your event. 

My top three autumnal decorations include:

1. Leaves: there is no cost involved in foraging for leaves. Arrange them into little mason jars, add some fairy lights for ambience and you have yourself a beautiful, warm centrepiece for the table.

2. Decorative lighting: this includes various sized candles, fairy and festoon lights. Always get yourself warm lights, as it creates a cosy atmosphere. If you’re using candles, mix it up with different sizes or display them differently by using jars, candelabras or candle stick holders for more character; this can make your setting a little more romantic or dramatic.

3. Glitter: glitz everything up by using autumnal coloured glitter. Why not dip some pine cones or hazelnuts into bronze or gold glitter?


Comfort, warmth and bringing people together are wonderful inspirations for winter themes. What brings these all together better than a delicious meal? We are surrounded by a rich diversity of restaurants and caterers to choose from, and there is a place for every budget and desire. From local, farm to table offerings, seasonal menus that highlight the area’s beautiful produce, a focus on allergies and food sensitivities, or world-class chefs and caterers, we’re truly spoilt for choice.

If you’re celebrating the holidays with colleagues, your event catering is key in drawing people out of their warm homes. Entice them with delicious menus and the promise of catering that will delight. Consider long wooden banquet tables, winter green foliage, candles and a hearty Wellington (beef or vegetarian), served family-style with big bowls of roasted vegetables to be shared. You can even delegate a carver for each table! Soups can also be personalised and fun when served alongside a garnish bar so that guests can make it just the way they like it with toppings of their choice. As for fondue, I always go for both sweet and savoury – all of the cheese and chocolate, please! Whatever season you choose, and whatever theme you want, it is important to book your venue and suppliers early, especially with the renewed demand for in-person events. Putting a lot of care into planning exciting events can also give prospective employees a reason to want to work with you, and to stay!