Lauren Cosson is currently studying for a Joint Honours in English and History at the University of Leeds. She joined the Conscious Communications team for a week in July to see what working life is like at a PR and Marketing agency.

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that my future career path is ambiguous and undecided (and slightly daunting). Studying English and History is both a blessing and a curse in that it could lead to a multitude of career prospects. For this reason, I wanted to experience first-hand what a career in PR and marketing might offer.

I have always felt that my future career may involve writing and I have a strong creative dimension, however, I didn’t realise before a week at Conscious Communications, how well suited to a career in PR and marketing I might be.

The week started off with an introduction to the company and its values, where and how it was started, and a run-down on what exactly PR and marketing are. Following this I was given an explanation of who each member of the team was and what their role entailed and a look at the variety of clients the team works with – I felt like even a year may not be enough time to wrap my head around all this information; let alone one week!

Then it was time to get stuck in – the schedule the team had prepared enabled me to spend time with each team member and to work on a cross section of tasks which meant that I was able to get experience across the board. Some of my tasks included drafting social media posts, creating forward features lists and conducting new business research, alongside an introduction to design from the in-house design team, experiencing a monthly client update meeting and learning how to track coverage and create a coverage book.

Writing press releases, features and a newsletter was where I felt most confident and was able to utilise my writing and creative skills, but I enjoyed the challenge that all other aspects of the company had to offer. On Wednesday and Friday, I was able to go out-of-office, attending a photoshoot and an event the team had organised, which provided an opportunity to see client relationships first-hand.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week and feel I have learnt something from every member of the Conscious Communications team; I thank them for helping me find my potential career path!

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