Ailsa, our PR and Marketing Assistant intern, looks back on her first month with Conscious Communications.

Life post-university has a strange sense of being in limbo. I moved back in with my parents and somehow found myself in a startlingly similar position to three years prior; when I was one degree and £50,000 worth of debt lighter. This was easily forgotten during the blissful post-uni summer of congratulation cards, graduation presents, guilt-free holidays and, most excitingly – no bills. However, as the summer drew to an end, the nagging sense of anti-climax I’d been successfully ignoring came to an unwanted head and I was left thinking: ‘what now?’.

This is partly to do with the loss of an ingrained academic agenda that, after two decades of education, is closer to an annual body clock. The illusive period of ‘freedom’ my entire education had headed towards had turned into a frenzied, anxious hunt for some sense of direction. A feeling exacerbated by fruitless interviews, endless applications and constantly losing out to a (quite possibly fictitious) character always blessed with more experience.

Funnily enough, the direction I was looking for came from the most unexpected of places, while I was working as a barista in a local café. Alongside my normal daily jobs I was drawn to the creative aspect of the café’s social media presence; I found myself creating Instagram posts and even thinking up a seasonal campaign to drive customer engagement. What started as a side hobby to fill the quiet moments of the day, I soon realised encompassed many of the essential aspects of marketing and PR, and I began to envisage the possibility of a future in such an industry. After conducting some online research I found Conscious Communications and the website alone conveyed all the aspects of creative and strategic thinking I’ve always enjoyed, without realising its connection to a particular industry. A few weeks on and I’d handed in my notice at the café, secured an interview with the Managing Director, and finally found the sense of direction I’d been craving… and so began my first month at Conscious Communications!

A paid internship is like gold-dust to any graduate, however there’s always the worry that even the nicest looking companies could be the monster of internship horror stories that spread like wildfire around universities. Luckily for me I could dispel that worry within my first half hour at Conscious Communications. The agency feels more like a family than a group of colleagues; a team of inspiring people who made me feel at home immediately. By the end of my first week I was already able to tell my friends about everything I’d learned and the friends I’d made, to the dubious response of ‘what, you don’t just make the coffee?’.

Coming towards the end of my first month at Conscious Communications, it’s remarkable to think of the amount of skill and experience I’ve gained in such a short time – down to the entire team’s true investment in my development and learning. In my first month I’ve learned how to draft, schedule and report on social media posts for three separate clients with different targeted audiences; how to adapt the structure and language of press releases for use on a company’s website news feed; and how to monitor and record coverage achieved for our clients. My interest in current affairs ties into many aspects of the role and I’ve enjoyed forming these interests into creative blog post ideas for the company website or sharing them with my colleagues.

Such an encouraging atmosphere ensures my constant determination to provide the best standard of work for the rest of my team, and must be the reason behind the high standard of work the company produces for its clients – always underlined by the conscious heart of the people who work there.

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