December 20, 2021

Winners at The Drum Social Purpose Awards 2021

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Winners at The Drum Social Purpose Awards 2021


We are very pleased to share that we have won the Best in Community Engagement Award at The Drum Social Purpose Awards 2021, for our Digital Drive campaign.

The campaign, launched under the umbrella of Cambridge 2030, raised over half a million pounds to ensure that every child across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough had access to the internet and their school work at home during the pandemic. Over 3,000 laptops – new and repurposed – were donated and 460 routers were purchased and distributed as a result of the campaign.

Alison Taylor, our Managing Director, said: “Despite the government’s pledge to provide laptops for all school children during the pandemic, in autumn 2020 there were still around 8,000 children across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough without a laptop or PC at home, and over 3,000 did not have internet access, so were unable to participate in lessons.”

The campaign, which included establishing partnerships with Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council, Cambs Youth Panel and Cambridge Digital Partnership, and mobilising the Cambridge 2030 network, was conceived and launched by the team in just two weeks and all involved gave their time and resources pro-bono.

We achieved widespread engagement with the campaign through email marketing, media relations, media partnerships and social media amplification.

Taylor concluded: “We are very proud of this campaign, which has made a significant difference to disadvantaged families in the region.  But, there are still many families in need of help so, with our partners, we are continuing to call on businesses and individuals across the county to donate laptops and help change lives for the better.”